Welcome at my LEENDERT VANGEMEREN.CO.UK website, here you can read the poems that I write, my blogs or enjoy the pictures I take and more. I hope you enjoy the things you find here.

This is the place where I let you read my poems and stories, things that make me wonder but also I let you enjoy with me those special moments. Look inside my heart and mind, my house and meet my beloved family and be surprised about what happens in my life. Please tell me if you’re touched by it.

Some articles are personal, I only share those articles with a few friends and they can only be read if you have a password. If you want to read those articles you can ask me for it. This website is regularly updated, so please come back after a while to see what’s new.

Are you looking for my work written in Dutch? Please click on the flag below.



P.S. Should you notice any mistakes in the English blog posts or poems I would really appreciate it if you send me a quick e-mail to help me correct those little errors.

Kind regards, Leendert (Leon) van Gemeren



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