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HappyMy name is Leendert, born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on 28 May 1968.

I write short stories and poems. In a lot of those you can see my own life and my connection with God.

I share those things that amaze me, make me angry or sad but also inspiration for happiness, enthusiasm and lust for life.

I have been ill for over fifteen years now, a blood defect makes that I am mostly at home and dependent on infusions (every three weeks) and it can not be healed. I also have ADHD, it doesn’t bother me, I think it is an asset to my personality and I get my inspiration from it to write, for photography and being happy.

My days are filled with taking care of my lovely wife and children, cooking of fantastic meals and creativity. And when I can I write down the things that come up in me. I also have a thing for England. In my younger years I lived in Little Plumstead, Norfolk for several years.

I am a very enthusiastic follower of Jesus, my believe in God is a major part of my life. I like to sing and write about that very much and that is why you can often find articles on my website which are about God, Jesus or my experiences in life under His command.

Kootsekade 4a Rotterdam, the house where I was born

I grew up in The Netherlands in Ermelo in an area called “De Veluwe” (much like Norfolk, England). After an education in technics I wandered around a bit, had various jobs and so I saw a lot of places and people.


Old Hall, Little Plumstead England

In my Delft Blue period I met Christa and married her. Together we have four children, Anouk (1997), Niels (1999), Liset (2001) and Joris (2005).


My current residence in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

My hobbies are writing blogs, photography and model railways and a vintage record player, a Garrard Zero 100SB which I carefully restored and is connected to a 1973 Pioneer tube amplifier.



Welcome at my website!

Leendert van Gemeren

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