This is my Blog. This is where I write stuff that grabs my attention or what happens to me, but I don’t write every day.

The boot to the past

Their lossGetting the boot at a previous employer for nearly 9 years was a wise lesson for me five years ago. A terribly sad lesson but wise nonetheless.

I had my entire heart in this company, I was involved before it even started and I watched it grow, helped to build it up and expand and see it turn into a multi million Euro business with over 50 co-workers divided over two locations in The Netherlands.

But it didn’t last in spite of my devotion to The Company as I always proudly called it, I got the exit talk anyway and was laid off the same day. Later I learned the only reason for my misery was sheer jealousy from a colleague who feared I was after his job, it wasn’t even because of how I functioned as my KPI scores were good.


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Christmas Jumper

Christmas JumperI showed him the picture and asked him for a 3XL and he just laughed and said there weren’t enough Christmas lights in the world to go with that. Cheeky! “Sir if that is on top of your Christmas List as you say, what is second?” he asked. I told him with overt sarcasm that would be Dungarees and he laughed even more.

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The Sols Hole

Childhood memories, againThe Sols Hole. That would be the accurate translation of the Dutch name Het Solsche Gat.

It is near the place where my late grandmother lived, Garderen in the middle of the forests in The Netherlands. Remember I told you about roasting Chestnuts at her place?

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In memoriam Hrvoje Plešnik

A little sad todaySometimes looking for old friends in Google does not give back the result you are expecting nor are you ready for the outcome when the name of your old friend appears on your screen. I wasn’t prepared for this when I looked up an old friend of years gone by and saw the line “In memoriam Hrvoje Plešnik” on a website for Croatian chess players.

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Sign this petition!

Sign this petition!Yes I know, I am not a keen sharer of petitions because I have the feeling it never helps and I must admit, even this one will probably be of little interest to you but today I must act. I urge you to sign a petition. I just did, wholeheartedly.

You see, I am what they call an anglophile, I love England. It isn’t for nowt that this website has the TLD.

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SteamOk, this is by far my best childhood memory: the steam operated merry-go-round in The Efteling theme park in The Netherlands.

I was five or six I think and in those days the Carousel was still outside, it’s now an indoor feature but in those days it was outside and a steam powered event. I can still remember the smell of soot and steam and it was beautiful to be in.

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FluToday I woke up with a fever and a headache, I have the Flu. And where normally I am up and about early, running errands in my little car or to the park photographing, I now stay put and be miserable on the couch not knowing what to do.

But the fever is finally gone now so I took my camera for a little project: photographing two oddities. One that should be in H0 scale but is not and the other one is the other way around, it is built in OO gauge.

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AuthenticityEverybody has his or her own style. My daughter has hers, quite alien to mine but hey she’s 16 after all. Weren’t we all a bit different than our parents at that age?

She sometimes says I’m sort of hipster but after careful evaluation I have decided that my personal style is authentic. And if that particular style hasn’t been invented yet I will do it now.

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New glasses

Today I bought new glasses. For months now I have difficulties reading.

Now this is an event that I’d like to postpone as long as possible as it’s a reminder that I am getting old. But I can’t read my newspaper anymore or read from the Bible after we had our dinner (Tea if you prefer and you’re British).

So within a day or 10 I will be going from a 0.75 dioptre addition to a whopping 1.75! But what a difference it will make! Just so I don’t change into a grumpy old man. It’ll be a change for the better surely, won’t it?

The day I met her

Enjoying lifeI searched three years to find her you know, for Christa.

I was recuperating from an accident in those days, I was in a wheelchair. In a freak accident late at night I had broken some bones in the Pelvis area and I was in a daily program of physiotherapy and exercises to regain lost muscles during the period in the hospital.

I also had to learn to walk again but that was later. I was staying at my sister and her husband as they were trained nurses and I couldn’t take care of myself then.

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