AuthenticityEverybody has his or her own style. My daughter has hers, quite alien to mine but hey she’s 16 after all. Weren’t we all a bit different than our parents at that age?

She sometimes says I’m sort of hipster but after careful evaluation I have decided that my personal style is authentic. And if that particular style hasn’t been invented yet I will do it now.

I am very much into old things, retro if you like such as vintage jewelry, hand wound or automatic wristwatches, old pub clocks, sea shells, sixties model railways, retro-styled spectacles (like the ones I ordered today), secondhand vinyl records, Tube Amplifiers and my pride and joy, a 1973 Made in Britain Garrard Zero 100SB recordplayer.

They don’t make them like that anymore, like myself. With all these things around me I am happy (in my own world if you like) even though the harsh reality is chronic illness, fatigue, infusions and being declared disabled for work. Which is why I became a writer, it sounds so much better at a party. I am authentic, unique even. And it makes me feel proud.

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Leendert van Gemeren

Leendert van Gemeren

This is me, I am a bit old-fashioned and like old stuff from long ago like British sitcoms such as All Creatures Great And Small for example. I like mechanical watches, fountain pens, vinyl records, bi-focal glasses and old electric model trains. I don't like modern things and I am currently working on an old-fashioned model railway. I follow Jesus and write my poems mostly about Him but I write about life too. Driven by ADHD. Eccentric. You can often find me in the kitchen at parties.

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