These are my poems, they are basically about everything, love, hate, God, the devil, flowers, animals, being young, growing old and a lot more.

Thunder and Lightning

You crack me up like lightning does the sky
When you make me laugh
But if you come home and are angry with me
It sounds like thunder

Stu the Baker

Every pastry made by Stuart
Was a genuine work of art
He was famous as the maker
And earning lots of dough
Which made Stu the Baker
Drive around town proud
In his big black Studebaker

Image: Public Domain   |   Creative Commons License CC0 4.0

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Because your mother says so

Pick up your toys and put them away
And all your laundry in that hamper
Tidy up your room now is what I say
Oh don’t you make me loose my temper
Do all your chores and do them today

Like, Share & Win

We are on Facebook just like you!
We are on Facebook just like you!
And we’re greedy, yes we’re greedy
Want to win it cos’ we’re needy
Yes we are in it, like to win shit
So we always Like & Share & Win it too!

A Ghost!

A Ghost! A Ghost!
I think I saw one in that window of the Hall!
A Ghost! A Ghost!
But you know what is most curious of it all?
A Ghost! a Ghost!
She will jump out of it but she’ll never fall!

What a wonderful world

Keep a close eye on nature
On what you see let your eyes rest
Let your mind focus on these creatures
Because they tell the beautiful story
About the miracles of God’s creation
Of wonders that once were
In the garden of Eden
And on the Ark with Noah
They survived God’s test
Just look at His nature now
And there is no doubt about it
Their story about love
Of the great Creator
They tell it best

The girl has a date

This girl always shows up late
Never ever she is there on time
And she is missing every train
Well, there is one exception
That is when she has a date

Let me be your butterfly

For girls in love.

Blackbird let me be your butterfly
And let’s go out and play whatever
Fly your circles around my wings
You’ll be my beau for all eternity
Then I will be pretty for you too
Mixing my colours with this flower
Yes we’ll be happy both forever

Old woman

Oh for a long time she thought about it all
And finally she walked over to the old man
Took a deep breath before she spoke to him
She asked him for a dance for the first time
Yes they decided it was about time they did
And she was greeted by the smell of coffee
The next day when she rang his doorbell
And they played their old and dusty records
His and then her LP’s over and over again
That week they went out together on Tuesday
Her wedding dress brushing his black suit
As now they would spend their lives for ever
In the old people’s home where they lived
And that night they danced a waltz together

Old man

He was an old man and could not keep up
With the world around him that changed
He usually stayed inside in his arm chair
Playing his dusty records over and over
Well most of the time because on Tuesday
That was his one evening out and passion
When there was a senior dance in the hall
But too shy to ask her for that slow waltz
He sat there waiting till it was time to go
Watching her laugh and chat with friends
Until she left and he went back upstairs
Of the old people’s home where they lived
And she never got out except on Tuesday
Secretly glancing at him across the room
On all other days she never went outside
And played her old records over and over