Here are a few examples of my poems, they are basically about everything, love, hate, God, the devil, flowers, animals, being young, growing old and a lot more. If you want to buy my books, please go to

Waiting for her kiss

There were days that he vividly remembered
That song, the dance, it’s rhythm and scores
With his eyes closed he saw his girl swirling
Dancing graciously through their living room
And he thought, this is to me what real love is
She danced Pirouettes in her pink ballet dress
Tiptoeing as she was floating on dancing shoes
But forgotten that he had lost her years ago
He played the old Steinway in a nursing home
Still in love with her and waiting for her kiss


There is a little piece of heaven
Where the sun shines in your heart
Sometimes you can see the twinkle
It’s in my eyes when I smile at you
And so it’s like we’ll never part

Angels we have heard on high

From up there in the house she wants us all to know
That long ago Jesus Christ was born
Her voice coming from her bedroom in the attic above
On this winter Christmas morn’

Joy to the world, peace on earth
Are the words she keeps on singing
I don’t care if she sings it all day long

The house would be so quiet if she wasn’t here today
Or if there was no joyful song to sing
But nothing in the entire world is pleasing me more
Then to hear her sing about our King

And I put the needle on the record
So she can hear the bells are ringing
In the rhythm of her Christmas song

Angels we have heard on high …

The Singer

Higher than he possibly could get with his voice
Was he trying to reach for happiness in his life
But all that was left in the end was his smile
… And his beautiful song that ended in tears

Super Hero

I am roaming the streets
In the darkness of the night
And chasing the bad guys
Just to give them a fright

A Ghost!

A Ghost! A Ghost!
I think I saw one in that window of the Hall!
A Ghost! A Ghost!
But you know what is most curious of it all?
A Ghost! a Ghost!
She will jump out of it but she’ll never fall!

The girl has a date

This girl always shows up late
Never ever she is there on time
And she is missing every train
Well, there is one exception
That is when she has a date

I am a Bumble Bee

I am the cutest Bumble Bee in town
You can see me sometimes on a flower
I’m always smiling and I never frown
I am the king of utter flower power

The Willow

She wept for ages for years long gone by
Majestically sad as her branches hung
Her tears filled the river she looked upon
But her lamentation remained unsung

Photography by Anita de Rover

Little boi blarin’

Little boi Alfred blundered into a mardle
He got his shirt and trousers claggy
As the muck was dripping on the cobbles
His father found the little boi blarin’ an’orl
If yew was smaart yew better learn sum

He said don’t yew puttin’ on yar parts
Afore yew was going back into the house
I would now be gorn acrorst alonga me
Pampin’ to that pump in our gaard’n
That is if you too wuz afreard of mum


Given “10 out of 10 and the thumbs up” by a fan from Norfolk

Quoted on BBC Radio Norfolk Nikon Europe